We are arguably the biggest provider of used but quality discount tyres and wheel combinations in Brisbane area like Arana Hills, Keperra. With a large inventory of new premium brand as well as cheap second hand tyres and wheels, we are confident that we can fit your car with a tyre and wheel combination that is not only a perfect match for your taste but also your car and budget. Let us install your new tyres and wheels today. Fitting is free. Fast and safe fitting for all types of tyres and wheels.


Feeling vibration or unusual shaking during your ride? Maybe your tyres are due for balancing. Stop by our shop so we can restore the comfort in your ride and improve the service life of your tyres by performing an accurate balancing of your tyre-wheel set using advanced equipment. We have quality discount tyres and accurate balancing with advance equipment.


Are you looking for used car batteries that are not only available in discount prices but also offer great performance and peace of mind? Our used batteries came off from good running vehicles, so we are confident that we offer the best quality second hand car batteries. We are confident enough that our batteries come with a guarantee. Our used batteries came off from good running vehicles and it comes with guarantee

Puncture Repair

Got a flat tyre? We can help. Patching a puncture on a tyre is not a do-it-yourself job. It must only be left to trained tyre service technicians. Remedying a puncture on a tyre follows specific industry guidelines and requirements. Not every puncture can be patched. Our professional tyre service technicians can determine the extent of the damage and recommend the best thing to do. Our repair may protect you from the next accident resulting from an improper puncture repair.

Auto Service

Don’t postpone the inevitable. Bring your car in and let us do what we do best in minor car services. We can change the oil, filter and brake pads, etc. You will be glad you let us do it; because it will be fast, reliable, and cost saver. We provide light Auto Service Keperra such as Oil, Filter, Break pad change etc.

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